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Minor’s Trust – How can I get a Minor Work Permit?

Productions employing minors are responsible for obtaining the required work permits to employ a minor.

Please reach out to the employment states Division of Labor Standards Enforcement for more information on how to obtain a work permit.

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Minor’s Trust – My minor child performed services, when can I expect to see the 15% trust deduction deposited into the minors account?

Funds are sent for deposit the following week after the payroll check date.

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Minor’s Trust – My son/daughter received a check from EP with a deduction for “Trust.” Why?

States such as California, Louisiana, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina and Pennsylvania have mandatory Minor’s Trust laws requiring that all unemancipated minors have 15 percent of their gross earnings deducted and placed in approved trust accounts.

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Minor’s Trust – Where can I get more information about trusts and trust forms?

Please search for key phrase “Children’s Trust” in the Support section of our website

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Minor’s Trust – Where can I set up a Coogan Account for my child?

Parents can go online at for a list of banks that offer Coogan Accounts, for example: Wells Fargo Bank, Union Bank and First Entertainment Credit Union.

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Minor’s Trust – Where should I send my child’s Minor’s Trust bank information?

Please send all Minors Trust documentation to

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Payroll/Payment Support Inquiries
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Minors Trust Deductions and Inquiries
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Payroll Garnishment and Deduction Inquiries
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MyEP Portal Support
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