SmartStart a Forest

We’re proud to help our clients save paper by going digital with SmartStart.


In 2018, SmartStart users saved a total of
More than 3X the 2017 total of 103 trees.


That’s a total of 421 TREES since 2017 — and counting.




We have partnered with TreePeople to plant 319 trees in honor of EP’s clients’ 2018 efforts in saving paper by using SmartStart. TreePeople focuses on urban and forest restoration in the Los Angeles area. TreePeople harvests seeds from local mountains and once seedlings are ready, they are planted back in the forests and maintained for several years to help the trees survive independently.

With your support, we were able to help TreePeople turn these dreams into reality:

  • 1,085 trees planted in schools, parks, streets and our local wildlands.
  • 1,325 fruit trees and 165 shade trees distributed to provide a cool place to enjoy and delicious, accessible nutrition for families in the city.
  • 8,789 vulnerable trees saved from the effects of drought, disease, and wildfire.
  • 4,728 volunteers trained to plant and care for trees for a greener LA.