John Hadity on Film Financing

Are you being fiscally irresponsible with your film financing? Check out this short video with EVP John Hadity.

Empowering Your People to Thrive

By: Mark Goldstein As CEO, it is my job to inspire executives and company leaders to empower their people. Sometimes, senior leaders gravitate toward putting employees in a box. Most of them don’t do this intentionally, but if you pigeonhole your people – and put them...

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From Payroll Clerk to President

By: Cheryl Nex I was recently asked what I would go back and tell my 20-something year old self. Here it goes. I joined EP Canada (well, now EP!) in the dark ages: 1989. I was the bookkeeper for a rental equipment yard. One evening, a woman came tearing up our...

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Protecting Health Benefits for Non-Union Production Workers

By: Mary McDonnell The Affordable Care Act (“ACA” or Obamacare) has been the subject of a great deal of speculation in the past month. While there is no clear vision on the various changes that may occur under the new administration, the ACA remains the law and...

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Agile Transformation: It’s About the People

By: Joon Jung

Over time, Agile practices and concepts have essentially become a cottage industry similar to PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) with their own established process-centric development methods and tools. To become certified, a project manager…

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Getting Things Done!

By: Ginger Galloway

Increase Your Efficiency and Productivity at Work Your desk is a sea of folders with post-its. You have so much work on your plate that you don’t even know where to begin. How are you going to find the time to accomplish all these projects? You…

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IRS Updates Website with Employer Mandate Penalty Information

The IRS has updated its website to further explain the types of Employer Mandate penalty payments and how they are assessed and calculated. Tier 1 Penalty In order to avoid the $2,000 Employer Mandate Penalty (Tier 1 Penalty) for each full-time employee, the employer...

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