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Becky Harshberger

VP & Practice Leader, Payroll Tax

Expertise: Payroll Tax

Becky Harshberger is VP & Payroll Tax Practice Leader at Entertainment Partners (EP), where she is responsible for employment tax, information tax, and legislative changes. Considered an expert in State and Federal Payroll Taxation, for the last 19 years at EP, Becky has provided tax guidance for US employees working on film and television productions in the US and around the globe. Previously, she was a Senior Manager at both Deloitte and PricewaterhouseCoopers National Payroll/Employment Tax Practice’s in Los Angeles. She has also held positions in unemployment claims/payroll tax consulting, human resources, and recruiting at both private and public companies.

Harshberger is Vice President of the America Payroll Association (APA) National Board of Directors in (2020), serves on APA’s National Speakers Bureau (2011), and Co-Chairs the APA Government Affairs Subcommittee on IRS and Unemployment issues. She is a recurring speaker/educator at Payroll Congress, Capital Summit, and the APA California Statewide Conference.

In 2020, she was awarded the APA Special Recognition Award for her contributions to the advancement of the Payroll Profession. A Certified Payroll Professional since 1999, she has taught the Greater Los Angeles Chapter CPP prep course every summer since 2000. 

Read more about Becky Harshberger in this spotlight article.

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