EP’s Incentives Department has responded to market needs by expanding its offerings, and adding veteran production finance executive, Wendy Black. EP has established itself as a leader in production incentive advisory services, tax credit management, tax credit placement, as well as a leading tax credit finance lender, partnering with clients on loans for projects, including its minimum guarantee program.

Black, a long-time client joins EP from Studio 8 Worldwide, an independent production company with a distribution deal with Sony. In creating the role of Vice President of Operations, Incentives, EP plans to utilize Black’s breadth and depth of experience to better serve our clients and expand existing business lines.

Black’s focus will also be on exploring new offerings including pre-production services and post accounting services to budgeting and scheduling, which would broaden EP’s production and production incentive services.

Leveraging her experiences with Studio 8, and previously GK films, and Miramax (a Disney company), she brings both an independent and studio accounting and finance perspective. Black understands how a project gets off the ground, and the vast nuances to getting productions made. This includes the endeavors of smaller companies – frequently new media – who are often unaware of how best to structure themselves, let alone the extensive rules surrounding the guilds, participations, and residuals.

As a former client, Black recognizes how EP’s many products and services feed into these processes and brings an in-depth knowledge of production incentives, budgeting, payroll, banking and union agreements.