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Academy Course: Legacy SmartTime for Payroll Accountants

This course is for payroll accountants who are new to EP’s digital timecard platform (Legacy) SmartTime. Designed by industry and product-use veterans with decades of payroll accounting experience, you will master what you need from peers who know what it takes to takes to get the job done. 

Covered topics include: 

  • Project setup 
  • Mobile Timecards 
  • Timecard Entry 
  • Batching 
  • Reports 



Duration: 4 hours and 50 Minutes 

Work at your own pace.

You do not need access to SmartTime to take this course. Legacy SmartTime is not included as part of course materials. Your production’s project administrator will email a Legacy SmartTime invitation to you. 

Important: Confirm with your production whether you are on New SmartTime or Legacy SmartTime. You can also match the images shown in the course to what you see when you log into SmartTime to ensure you are taking the correct course.

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