SAN DIEGO, CA, October 12 – 100% employee-owned Entertainment Partners (“EP”) received top recognition as ESOP Company of the Year at this year’s annual conference of the California/Western States Chapter of the ESOP Association. The Chapter is comprised of more than 220 employee-owned companies from California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Utah. As a Chapter winner, EP will go on to vie for the title of National ESOP Company of the Year alongside the winners of the ESOP Association’s other seventeen chapters in Washington, D.C. next May.

“This is such wonderful recognition for all of our employee owners, and meaningful to come during the celebration of October as National Employee Ownership Month,” noted EP President and CEO, Mark Goldstein. “We strongly embrace our employee ownership and make it an essential part of our culture and messaging. We are fully committed to the work of the ESOP Association and its associated entities to get the word out about ESOPs.”

EP representatives travel to Capitol Hill several times each year to meet with members of Congress and their staffs to educate about employee ownership and gain support for legislative measures. Last year, EP employee owners were also proud to host their hometown Congressman, Rep. Adam Schiff and Congressional Ways & Means Committee Chairperson, Kevin Brady, at their national headquarters in Burbank.

As the largest provider of production management solutions to the film and television industry the company also often gets media coverage and never misses a chance to discuss and promote the ESOP model. “This award is bestowed based on commitment to employee-ownership and success in maximizing the benefits of ESOPs, as well as promoting employee ownership locally and nationally,” offered Matthew Olson, President and CEO of Jackson’s Hardware and current Chapter President. “This year Entertainment Partners completely embodied these principles.”