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    Movie Magic Scheduling 6: Flexible, Accurate, Efficient

    NOTE: Apple's new operating system, Yosemite, has been released. We are currently working on a free update to Movie Magic Scheduling 5 and 6 that will make our products compatible. The update will be ready in early November. Please check back soon for more information.

    In the meantime, if you are actively on any critical projects using Movie Magic, we recommend that you refrain from upgrading to Yosemite until we have released the compatibility update.

    Thank you for your patience!

    Movie Magic Scheduling 6 is a software solution that works the way schedulers think, featuring powerful tools that enable you to create and view schedules with increased flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency.

    Your production schedule is the essential tool that takes your project from script to actionable plan. Movie Magic Scheduling 6 offers a range of tools you won't find in any other scheduling software. Workflows are designed to incorporate the time-tested concepts of the Stripboard while offering a variety of scenarios to consider: different shoot lengths, re-ordered scenes, comparisons in location, and more.

    Movie Magic Scheduling 6 helps you prepare schedules that allow your team to make the best production decisions possible.

    What's New

    Calendar Module

    • Create a more efficient shooting schedule with ease using drag and drop to organize strips, days, and weeks on a calendar layout.

    • Use the Unscheduled Area for greater flexibility when adding and removing Breakdown Sheets to your schedule.

    • Keep your schedule accurate with the new Red Flag Conflict Window that remains open while you schedule.

    Latest Versions

    MMS 6.0.374

    Download the latest build of MMS 6:

    To learn more about recent updates and known issues, please consult with the latest MMS 6 Release Notes.

    MMS 5.3.369

    Download the latest build of Movie Magic Scheduling 5:

    To learn more about recent updates and known issues, please consult with the latest MMS 5.3 Release Notes.