• Products

    Our comprehensive suite of products leads the industry. These tools are created through collaboration with production professionals who have first-hand knowledge of your particular needs. These pros don't simply react to industry changes, they affect change by using their vast work experience and in-depth evaluation of client feedback to create the acknowledged standards in production tools.

    Offering great flexibility and ease of use, our products allow you to approach your project from a variety of different angles and time frames. And, with EP products, you get uniquely personal support and free in-person training.

    From budgeting to scheduling to accounting and beyond, EP products give you the most sophisticated and integrated tools to help you plan, create, and produce.

    • Accounting SystemsAccounting Systems
      Production Accounting tools that take you from prep through post, with seamless payroll interface.
    • EP Access CardEP Access Card
      Declining balance cards to streamline the entire process of tracking and handling petty cash.
    • BudgetingBudgeting
      Innovative cost estimation software to create and edit comprehensive budgets of all sizes, for all types of productions.
    • Movie Magic for AcademicsMovie Magic for Academics
      Use the industry standard production tools. Ask about the Partnership Program and how to get free products for your school lab!
    • VPOVPO
      Virtual Production Office (VPO) is your secure portal for accessing your EP Access Card account and online payroll edits.
    • EP TimeTrax HTG and MTCEP TimeTrax HTG and MTC
      EP TimeTrax HTG and MTC work hand-in-hand to deliver a comprehensive time and attendance solution.
    • EP TelesisEP Telesis
      Commercials expense management system that is specifically designed to fit the structure and workflow of commercial productions.
    • SchedulingScheduling
      Flexible, powerful solution to deliver efficient production schedules with a range of options for every type of user.
    • Paymaster Rate GuidePaymaster Rate Guide
      The most complete, up-to-date contract and labor rates guide for the entertainment industry.