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    EP Access Card

  • No Security
    Deposit Necessary

    No Credit Application

    No Interest

    No Overdraft Fees

    No Late Fees

    No Pre-Set Minimum
    or Maximum Spend

    No Risk of

    No Security Deposit Necessary

    The EP Access Card is the industry standard tool for faster tracking and handling of all your purchasing needs.

    Work at the Speed of Production

    • Prepaid declining balance
    • View available balances hourly
    • Accepted as a credit card for a multitude of purchases at over 32 million locations
    • Streamline all of your purchasing needs into one centralized location securely
    • Individual credit not impacted
    • 24-hour call-in support
    • Electronic envelopes reduce redundancy, save time, and eliminate handwritten envelopes
    • Interfaces with EP’s accounting systems so you can easily create reports across cards or shows
    • Perfect for online purchases, office and production supplies, wardrobe, rental cars, hotels, food and drinks, taxis, parking, printers, and much more

    Log in to your EP Access Card account at http://accesscard.ep.com.

    To learn more about recent updates, please view the latest Release Notes.

    To review how to set up your EP Access Card, please see the corresponding Knowledge Base article.

    Key Features




    • View available balances hourly
    • Easier electronic envelopes
    • Fast start-up
    • Transaction reviews and approvals can be done online as soon as the vendor posts
    • Funds are replenished quickly by our dedicated support staff
    • Designate a Custodian Card to transfer funds to all other cards


    • Eliminates the risk of carrying large amounts of cash
    • Cards can be deactivated quickly if lost or stolen


    • Impose daily allowable spend limit or single transaction limit
    • Control the merchants where the card can be used
    • View Available Funds hourly to confirm accurate spending activities
    • Transactions and cardholder data is retained for historical reporting

    Email EP or call 818.955.6296 to see how we can help you with your petty cash needs!