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    Legacy Products

    Our "legacy products" are those which have not been sold or developed since 2009. They include:

    • EP Scheduling (all versions)
    • EP Budgeting (all versions)
    • Classic Movie Magic Scheduling (MMS 3.7)
    • Classic Movie Magic Budgeting (MMB 5.7)

    Since the time that these products were developed, computer operating systems have advanced considerably which in turn has made these legacy programs incompatible. Many of the issues customers currently experience while using these are unresolvable due to the fundamental changes in operating systems. We discontinued the sale of these products in 2009 for these reasons.

    We highly recommend upgrading to the current Movie Magic Scheduling 6 and Movie Magic Budgeting 7 applications to ensure the best user experience. The current Movie Magic product line has free phone and email support, is compatible with the latest operating systems, and offers new functionality.

    Scheduling Version Comparison Chart

    Budgeting Version Comparison Chart

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    Paid Support for Legacy Products
    Starting May 1, 2012, anyone seeking hands-on assistance with the legacy products may contact Service and Support at a cost of $50.00 (USD) per phone call or email. A credit card number will be required at the start of the support request. Click here to contact Service and Support.

    Free Online Resources
    Customers who continue to use legacy products will continue to have access to free online resources such as articles, FAQs, downloads, and manuals.

    Classic MMS 3.7Support

    Classic MMB 5.7Support

    EP SchedulingSupport

    EP BudgetingSupport