• New VE Login Page

    We have a new login page exclusively for VE access: https://ve.ep.com. This affects log in access for Classic Vista, Global Vista, and Residuals Historical Portal. 

    NOTE: Your applications have not changed and your username and password remain the same.

    If you have a problem logging in to the new page you may need to install the latest Citrix Receiver. 

    Links to install the latest Windows or Mac Receiver are provided on https://ve.ep.com or via these links:

  • Products

    Accounting Systems

    Accounting SystemsProduction Accounting requires precision, flexibility, and the ability to track the enormous range of production costs from prep all the way through post. Our Vista and Global Vista sub-ledger production accounting applications are multi-user, multi-task, and interface seamlessly with Entertainment Partners' payroll. Easy to read reports, free training, 24/7 support and our personalized service are designed to put the focus on getting your job done.

    Classic Vista System Requirements
  • ** Payroll Check Stub Changes **

    Entertainment Partners payroll checks have a new look and feel to accommodate California Sick Leave reporting requirements. For more information, please review our California Sick Leave Alert and our Payroll Check Stub Notice.

    Other Helpful Links

    2015 Year-End Tax Filing Assistance Information - 1099-MISC/IRS FIRE
    2015 Client Authorization Form (PDF) - 1099-MISC Printing and/or IRS FIRE Upload
    2015 Client Authorization Form Supplement (PDF) - 1099-MISC Printing and/or IRS FIRE Upload
    Classic Vista Payroll Delivery Enhancement Project (PDEP) (PDF)
    New PDEP Procedures for Classic Vista – Videos
    Virtual Production Office (VPO)

    If you do not have the ICA Client installed on your system,
    you must install the ICA Client to launch the applications.

    Other Clients are available from the Citrix Client Download Site.

    Service and Support Contact Information
    Vista Exchange Password Resets 818.955.6366
    Service and Support (Acct. Systems, VPO, PCard, Budgeting, Scheduling) 818.955.6300
    Vista Exchange Form Submissions & Follow Up 818.955.6299
    Vista/Global Vista Emergency AFTER HOURS Support 818.955.6350
    New York Application Support 646.473.9010
    Entertainment Partners Main 818.955.6000