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    All employers with at least 50 full-time employees and equivalents must offer affordable and adequate health coverage or pay a penalty tax. For 2015 only, there is a 100 full-time employee/equivalent minimum. The IRS has issued final regulations to implement this employer play-or-pay health coverage mandate.

    In co-employment relationships, such as those that exist in the entertainment industry, the ACA provides that the co-employer that directs and controls the worker's day-to-day functions is the responsible employer for the ACA. This means that the production company will be responsible for providing coverage under the ACA as the controlling co-employer.

    EP will do everything we can to assist clients in meeting their obligations.

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  • Keep Up-to-Date on the ACA

    December 30, 2015
    New Due Dates for the Affordable Care Act 2015 Information Reporting
    October 20, 2015
    Final Instructions for Section 6056
    September 2, 2015
    New Draft Instructions for Section 6056

  • ACA Regulations Simplified

    We've created a concise video to help unravel your potential obligations. Learn how the new laws affect your workflow, and about the changes we have made here at EP to help you remain compliant.

    This video talks about:

    • Notice of Exchange (NOE) Requirement
    • Employee Status Field Added to Start Cards
    • Termination Date Field Added to Time Cards

    October 1 was the deadline for production companies to both distribute the Notice of Exchange (NOE) to existing employees and begin providing to all new hires. EP has created a quick and easy way for you to generate your NOE template yourself. Simply input your information and an NOE template will be generated and emailed to you immediately.

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    White House White Board

    To help you better understand the Affordable Care Act, take a look at this informative video released by the White House: "What ObamaCare Means for You."